Yahoo! BOSS is easy — meet Yuil

Yahoo! BOSS is easy — meet Yuil

Updated Yet Again: Relaunched as 4hoursearch including the source code. See this blog entry.

Updated Again: Yuil is dead. However, you can always get the same great search results here.

Updated: Using Glue I was able to add some simple category functionality.

I’m sure everyone saw the recent announcement of a new search engine, Cuil. I thought I would have a little fun with it and put together a quick parody of it by mashing up their UI and Yahoo!’s search results. As usual, the biggest problems I had were related to my pathetic Python skills. I’d love to add the category stuff in (Yahoo! has that info as you can see in search assist) but BOSS doesn’t yet have that in the API. But it does have web and image search and even search suggestions. Here is the one, the only, the amazing:

It was great fun to hack together. Check out the BOSS APIs. Maybe I should have converted the UI to YUI as well…