What I would like to see in the new Apple device (iSlate, iPod Tablet, iTouch, iPad, iTablet, iPhone Max)

What I would like to see in the new Apple device (iSlate, iPod Tablet, iTouch, iPad, iTablet, iPhone Max)

Update Misses: no cameras, no GPS, no stylus, no SD

If there is going to be an Apple Tablet there are a few features that I would like to see. These aren’t really predictions but more my limited view of how you might use such a device:


  • Front and rear video camera for killer video conferencing and augmented reality applications
  • The standard WiFi, GPS, accelerometer and compass package with optional 3G/wimax connectivity
  • Support for all the typical touch gestures along with a stylus for writing
  • A low-power mode that is still suitable for reading documents
  • A dock suitable for both home plugged in use and on an airplane so you can watch video on it easily
  • At least 1080p resolution — any more than this is overkill
  • Some thought to how you would carry it around without destroying it
  • Smaller and lighter than a Macbook Air with a longer battery life — 8 hours?
  • Single USB port, Display Port and SD card slot
  • At least 64GB of local storage
  • Might as well be a conference room quality speakerphone as well


  • Support for applications from the iPhone App Store along with new tablet applications
  • Strong integration with MobileMe for Back to my Mac, syncing and file sharing
  • Tablet versions of Mail.app, iWork, iLife and Dashboard
  • Air gestures that use the camera and voice commands for additional remote control
  • Broadcast whatever is on the tablet to another Mac or an AppleTV easily
  • Run up to 3 applications at the same time

A device with a bunch of features like that might be nice to have around the house, in meetings and on the road. Could even get some programming done as long as I have a home machine I can connect to as well.