How many iPod Minis were sold last quarter?

How many iPod Minis were sold last quarter?

During Apple’s quarterly conference call today with investors they refused to break out the numbers of iPod Minis vs the other iPods. Here is my best guess as to what that is based on the information they did give us.

Here are the things I gleaned from the conference call:

860,000 iPods were sold
$290 was the average sales price

Worst case scenario (fewest number of Minis) is that they only sold $300 iPods and none of the $400 or $500 iPods. This gives us an estimate of 172,000 iPod Minis sold in order to reduce the average. My wild ass guess is that 90% fewer $400 iPods were sold than $300 ones and that 90% fewer $500 iPods were sold than $400 ones. If we make that assumption then we find that one-third of all iPod sales were Minis, or 286,000 units. If my assumptions are incorrect and many more $400 and $500 iPods are sold, then even more iPod Minis must have been sold. Does anyone else have an further information that might nail down the distribution? Has Apple ever revealed the iPod sales distribution before the Mini? That would certainly give some guidance.

Why does Apple not want us to know this? Do they fear a report that shows cannibalization? Is this information dangerous in the hands of their competitors?