Groovy JSR-1 released

Groovy JSR-1 released

Groovy JSR-1 has finally been released with the new grammar. Though there are a bunch of things I still don’t like about it, I still use it because it is the best thing going right now for Java scripting.

Many of the things that needed to get better got better:

1) Error messages are much improved
2) The parser is much stricter and is now generated
3) Lots of byte code bugs have been removed
4) Its based on Java 1.5 now rather than hand coded

Though many of the problems remain:

1) Lots of optional stuff
2) Lots of new perl like stuff, weird range operators, etc.
3) Errors due to whitespace

I’ve put together a Mac native binary release of groovy for those that don’t want it all spread out on their system as well.