Apple leaks G5 news???

Apple leaks G5 news???

Thursday night for about an hour Apple had the specs of the new G5’s on their Apple store… If its true… WOW!

Here are the posted specifications:

The only other possibility is that the Apple site was hacked and this was put on their by some 3rd party. Could have been from Akamai, could have been internal. If they are real then Apple is the most cutting edge computer company in the world, at least for the time being. Everyone one of these features (besides the processor clock rates) are extremely cutting edge. If you can believe the benchmarks that were leaked earlier then these machines will scream. The 1.4 GHx 970 was competing with 3.06 P4 and the 1.6 was beating it handily. A dual 2.0 box will just be amazing. This is the design of computers for at least the next 5 years, they may be the standard specs for the next 10 years from a peripheral point of view. Apples always been the first to dump old tech and jump on new tech, but SerialATA and PCI-X all at once? That’s awesome.

Now, I hope they look as good as they spec!