And the agony of defeat

And the agony of defeat

Just finished up the 3 tournaments I won entry to at Lucky Chances. None of them went well, second best hands are a curse.

The first tournament was a $300 No-limit hold’em tournament, we strart with 2500 in chips. On the 4th hand I was in the big blind with J3. There were 4 callers including the small blind, one off the button and the button. The flop came 833 with no flush draw. Small blind checks, I check, next guy bets 200, button folds, SB calls, I call. The turn is a 6. Small blind checks, I check, other guy bets 200, small blind raises to 800. I figure that he has top pair and is trying to get overcards out of the game. I reraise all-in. The other guy folds with his overcards and the small blind calls after some deliberation. We show out hands, he has K3. An A comes on the flop and I go home.

The second tournament was a $500 limit hold’em tournament, we start with 2500 in chips. I was doing well for a while, I got up to around $3500 in chips after the first 2 rounds. In the 3rd round, I get AK and raise before the flop and get three callers. The flop is A88. I bet, its raised, I call, we do that all the way down with a reraise on the river, but its too late, at the end he shows AA. A few hands later I get AJ, raise preflop, get a caller. Flop comes xxJ. We similarly bet and call it down, nothing over a J comes, he shows QQ. Finally I get knocked out with TJ with a JQK flop, I have to go all in, he shows AT. He hit the nuts. I go home.

The final tournament was a $1000 no-limit hold’em tournament. I had some great early hands, getting AA twice. One of them I actually hit quads on the river. At the break, after 3 rounds, I am the table chip leader. In two swift hands I lose it all. First with my KK vs QQ and a Q lands on the flop. The second one is my JJ vs. his AQ. I was feeling ok about this one, until the flop, where the dealer laid down QQQ. Quite boot to the head. Oh well, sometimes you just want to get medium cards and play sneaky rather than getting great cards but get outflopped.