Yuil is dead! 4hoursearch is now online.

Yuil is dead! 4hoursearch is now online.

As this was really just a demonstration of the power of Yahoo! BOSS, I have brought the site back as a demonstration site. Additionally, Yahoo! is making the source code to the new site available so anyone with a knack for Python, HTML and CSS can take a swipe at making a better search experience. In order to make a nice UI I teamed up with another Sam, Sam Lind. I put together the skeleton using Yahoo!’s amazing YUI tools and he created the look and feel. Please try it out and take advantage of Yahoo!’s open search API:

Why 4hoursearch? It took 4 hours to write the initial code, 4 hours for it to go from unknown to 20 hits / second, 4 hours looking for a domain name and 4 hours to build the brand new UI. Fortunately, it won’t take 4 hours to find something with it :)

If you want the classic list of links, now enhanced with SearchMonkey results, you can always start here.