TSSS — Advanced Spring Framework

TSSS — Advanced Spring Framework

Rod shilling his framework some more.

I keep investigating this stuff and I just can’t get away from the fact that it is all so proprietary. It’s basically just one groups random collection of choices about building software with only one vendor. I don’t feel comfortable getting ensconced in it. Further I think that J2EE in the next release is going to catch up and probably pass it in a lot of ways and then someone who is using Spring is stuck with it instead of using the same thing that everyone else is.

After looking at all this stuff I can’t help but come away with the impression that I should use something like BeanShell for configuration. It seems like all these XML descriptors are actually just little script files that are basically directly describing very simple Java code. BeanShell will let me write that code quickly and dynamically. Also, they seem to be adding all this AOP stuff to the framework… why wouldn’t I just use AspectJ?

Can someone please get me excited about Spring so I don’t feel so left out?