Track Subversion (SVN) changes with an RSS feed

Track Subversion (SVN) changes with an RSS feed

I was a bit annoyed the other day that some of the Subversion repositories out there don’t have a way to send a notification to interested parties when a new change is made. There are a few other services on the web that claim to do this but when I went looking I didn’t have much luck using any of them. Since I am not one to shrink from a challenge that can’t be solved by a little bit of coding I threw a new Subversion feed service together in a couple of hours. About a quarter of that was spent trying to get the CSS on the homepage right.

If it gets any use at all (besides me) I might add some additional features to track which projects are being watched the most and other interesting features of the repositories. If you have any great ideas you can hand them over to me in the comments :)