Sign the “Make Java a first-tier language on Mac OS X” Petition

Sign the “Make Java a first-tier language on Mac OS X” Petition

Ok, lets see if there is any interest in doing this. I talk about it a lot, people agree with me a lot. No one so far thinks its a bad idea.

Here are some links to help you decide if it is a good idea to make Java a first-tier language for using the Mac APIs (Cocoa):

Port Cocoa to Java 
Rhapsody in Yellow 
Rhapsody in Yellow (redux)
Why Java isn’t first-tier right now

Here is the petition if you would like to sign it. I would like to give this petition to Steve Jobs at WWDC if there is enough interest to make it compelling. Please send this link around to people you think are interested, especially people that would be more interested in the Mac as a development platform if they knew that Java was the best way to build software for it, even if they don’t have a Mac right now.