Jazz Fest in New Orleans

Jazz Fest in New Orleans

The Jazz was good and the food was great!

We are just flying back from the first week of Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Last year we did the last week instead of the first but decided it was too crowded. My personal favorite of the festival was Al Jarerreau. He is a wonderful entertainer and a good singer. New Orleans itself though is all about the food. You can get the best oysters in the world there for $.50/each or less. Plump, clear and they go down smooth, especially with a local Abita Amber. The cornbread-fried catfish is amazing, the fried layer is so thin you don’t even feel guilty eating it. Since its almost impossible to get fresh crawfish in other parts of the country you absolutely must indulge a basket or two of those. I could go on, but lets just say the food is awesome. Here is a picture from my new camera phone, the Nokia 3650, of Bob and Laurie, our flying benefactors:

Here’s another picture of Bob and Laurie, Benjamin’s father Rodolpho from France, and my beautiful wife Lucy a little backlit in one of the tents:

You can find more about this gem of a phone in my technology section.