Deconstructing The Pyramids

Deconstructing The Pyramids

After watching about a million of these shows where they open some tomb in a pyramid and find nothing, I have a theory…

First a little engineering. The pyramids are not built by putting a whole bunch of rocks on top of one another and hollowing them out. The pyramids were built by placing whole bunch of rocks in such a way as to leave holes where corridors and rooms were going to be. The interesting part about this is that this means that there can be chambers in a pyramid that are not accessible. There could all kinds of documents, gold, treasure, mummies in there and no one would ever know because we deal exclusively with the tunnels that the builders gave us.

This leads to the inevitable conclusion that if we ever want to be sure that we are getting the whole story, we need to very carefully, with complete documentation, and expert hands take a pyramid apart from the top down. That is the only way we will ever uncover these secrets. Myself, I can’t imagine that there aren’t places that you cannot reach using the normal routes. It only makes sense. Even if it is just a workers garbage that they through in there at the end of the day it would probably be very interesting to someone and the level of preservation would be incredible.

So which one should we start with? Is it possible to take one apart and put it back together again? How long would it take? What kind of equipment would you need? These are all very interesting questions, but since I don’t think I can get Egypt to take me up on this venture I’ll just stop here and let you wonder.