Crazy flop then a bad beat

Crazy flop then a bad beat

Played in the $40 no-limit tournament at Artichoke Joe’s this evening. I was steadily dropping when I quintupled up right before the break, so I thought I had a chance. Then the odds balanced out…

Right before the break I was hovering at about $600 in chips, which was probably tied with the short stack at the table. I was dealt Ac4c and decided that I would make my stand there. I went all in and was called by 4 other people. The flop came and gave me the nut flush. The next two cards gave the board a four flush and a pair of eights, fortunately, although someone had an 8, he did not have a full house. That gave my game new life and I went into the next round optimistic.

My first hand after the break was KhKc. A beautiful hand. I raised preflop, I was then raised, and so I reraised and was called. I was in for about 1/4 my stack at that point. The flop came something like 25J with two diamonds. I was bet to, I raised to about 1/3 of my stack, he called. The turn came Ad. Now there was a flush possibility and an over card on the board and I got a bit nervous. I was checked to, I felt he was check-raising, and so I checked. The river came with another diamond. He bets all-in, I fold. The way he played it I wouldn’t be surprised if he had AA or AKd. I folded since I was beat by any diamond or any ace.

That wasn’t so bad. But it was frustrating to get great cards but get beat, I think I actually got out cheap by folding. My last beat was nasty. I get dealt AQo and raise 3 bets and get called by one other player. The flop comes KJTo. I’ve flopped the nut straight. Even better than that, my opponent bets all-in. Not much I can do but call in that situation. As he is revealing, he says: “You have AQ don’t you.” Yep, sure do. He shows me his KJo, two pair. A minute later I’m in my car driving away thinking about how in the hell a J came on turn to knock me out. To add insult to injury the river was an A.