Applescript to Merge Address Card entries

Applescript to Merge Address Card entries

I just got a new toy, the IRIS II Business Card Reader but now I need to merge cards with previous entries.

In address book it is possible to merge cards but finding the duplicates can be a pain. Fortunately a simple Applescript comes to the rescue:

tell application "Address Book" 	repeat with currentEntry in people 		set currentName to name of currentEntry 		try 			set duplicateEntries to (every person whose name is currentName) 			if (count of duplicateEntries) > 1 then 				activate 				set selection to duplicateEntries 				tell application "System Events" 					tell process "Address Book" 						tell menu bar 1 							tell menu bar item "Card" 								tell menu "Card" 									click menu item "Merge Cards" 								end tell 							end tell 						end tell 					end tell 				end tell 			end if 		on error msg 			display dialog currentName & ":" & msg 		end try 	end repeat end tell

In order to use this script you will need to have System Evends activated. As for the scanner, it works really well and only takes 15–30s per card to scan and double-check the OCR. I’m really surprised that online companies like